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So we are pretty much shut down by this pandemic. Let's all stay safe and ride out the storm. Music is a good way to do that. We are looking into live streaming or posting some stuff to keep you company.

April 08, 2020

Kelly O'Neil's Pub (311 Lewers St., Waikiki)

5pm to 8pm

So the Pubs will have been closed down for a couple of weeks by this date. They plan to re-open in early April, but who knows. If things dramatically improve maybe we can all celebrate - from a distance. Personally I'm thinking, however, this might be just a little optimistic.

April 22, 2020

Kelly O'Neil's Pub (311 Lewers in Waikiki)


We don't know... Maybe. So much up in the air.

May 13, 2020

Kelly O'Neil's Pub (311 Lewers St., Waikiki)

5pm to 8pm

Hopefully by now we will be able to help you recover from cabin fever. We plan to have rollicking jigs, reels, songs, jokes and general Irish shenanigans. Come on down for a good time and plenty of craic unless we are all still in lock-down. 

May 20, 2020

Kelly O'Neil's Pub (311 Lewers St., Waikiki)

5pm to 8pm

The survivors gig? Craic means fun and conviviality. We have that every time we play this music. Traditional Irish music is a celebration of life in spite of everything. Come on down to the pub and celebrate getting through the pandemic...unless it is still going.

Traditional Irish Music Sessions

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We have talked about having some ad hoc, outside in a park, in the breeze sessions. These, if they happen, will likely be small and by invitation. It's all up in the air right now.

When we resume the following still applies: All musicians of any level are welcome and while the tunes are mostly played at "dance tempo" there is room for a beginner to start something more slowly. We also welcome singers. If you bring a song, please have some idea in what key you wish to sing it.


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