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We play Irish music in the old traditional style. Come hear us and tap your feet to a lively blend of jigs, reels, hornpipes and songs with an occasional slow aire. We really enjoy playing this music and invite you to come share the "caoil ages craic" (music and fun)
As this pandemic has slowed and then resurged our gig life has waxed and waned too. We are vaccinated, boosted and have been doing some occasional gigs but are eager for more. So if you would like some fine Irish shenanigans we are ready and willing. Go to the contact page or call 808-386-5645

We do private house concerts too. Get 25 generous friends together and we'll give you several hours of music and song for donations.
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2440 S. Beretania, upstairs


Every 3rd Sunday 4-6pm

All musicians of any level are welcome. While the tunes are mostly played at "dance tempo" there is room for a beginner to start something more slowly. We also welcome singers. If you bring a song, please have some idea of the key you'll be singing in.

Irish dancers are often part of the mix and will be happy to show you the basics.

Every Saturday 6-8pm
Details pending