Upcoming Performances and Session

November 27, 2019

Kelly O'Neil's Pub (311 Lewers in Waikiki)


We are having our Wednesday night at the pub tonight. Come on down for the craic over a pint or two. We will give you a full dose of Irish dance, song and jokes.

December 11, 2019

Kelly O'Neil's Pub (311 Lewers St., Waikiki)

5pm to 8pm

Craic means fun and conviviality. We have that every time we play this music. Traditional Irish music is a celebration of life in spite of everything. Come on down to the pub and celebrate with us.

December 14, 2019

Winter Solstice Concert

Atherton Performing Arts Studio: 7:30pm

Bring some Celtic flavor to your holiday season with Celtic Wave’s Winter Solstice Concert. Long before the Christian religious holiday of Christmas, and VERY long before the commercial blitz of America's vacation season, the Celts celebrated the Winter Solstice.  The longest night and the shortest day of the year was a time of renewal of spirit and faith, even in the face of cold and darkness. The beautiful Atherton is a wonderfully intimate setting in which to hear this music the way it was intended, up close and personal with family and friends.

738 Kaheka

Call 955-8821 for tickets or click on the button below

December 25, 2019

Kelly O'Neil's Pub (311 Lewers St., Waikiki)

5pm to 8pm

Come celebrate a Celtic Christmas with us! We will have rollicking jigs, reels, songs, jokes and general Irish shenanigans. Come on down for a good time and plenty of craic. We always have something new.

Traditional Irish Music Sessions

See below for all the Irish Sessions


12/6: 1st Friday session: Kurt's Violin Shop, 7-9pm (1109 Maunakea, Loft 208)

11/10 & 12/15: 2nd Sunday session: Coffeeline Coffeehouse, 6-8pm (1820 University Ave. - stairs on left of building)

11/24 & 12/22: 4th Sunday session: Celtic Room of O'Toole's Pub, 6-8pm (902 Nuuanu - in the back)


All musicians of any level are welcome and while the tunes are mostly played at "dance tempo" there is room for a beginner to start something more slowly. We also welcome singers. If you bring a song, please have some idea in what key you wish to sing it.


Go to the contact page to get on the email list for session notification. Also click to go to the Honolulu Irish Session Facebook page.

Your Special Celebration

Private Event

Just want to remind you that we are available for your special event or celebration. We have experience with weddings, wakes and parties....boy do we know how to do a party. Just email clark@celticwaves.net or call 808-386-5645 to book us.

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