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Celtic Waves


//flutes, whistles


Abby plays wooden Irish flute (one modeled on a Rudall and Rose c. 1830), high and low whistle, and occasionally a modern silver flute (yes, one with all those keys), which flows naturally out of her classical training. 

Call 808.780.7874 for flute lessons.

She is a coach and frequent performer with the Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe and works in the field of ESL.


// flutes, whistles

Clark learned many of the tunes we play today in his family. He plays old-style wooden flute (modeled on an 1840's Pratten) and whistles. These instruments can be played very fast, bend notes, and ornament tunes in a  way particular to Irish music.

Clark was a pediatric nurse for many years and is a retired instructor from UH School of Nursing


// guitar

Tom is a 30 year veteran of his instrument. His rhythm guitar supports the jigs and reels we play. He was born and raised in an Irish family where he learned many a pub song (most of them involving whiskey). 

Tom is an environmental engineer.


// fiddle, guitar


Kurt has been playing Irish music for over 40 years, most of it on the fiddle. As a Welsh gypsy he has played in many bands in Alaska, Utah, Montana and Washington.

Kurt is a master violin luthier.



// bodhran, bass


Susan is the heartbeat of the band tapping out rhythm on her bodhran (pronounced "bow-ron"). This instrument, with the skin of some poor goat stretched over a frame, is Ireland's contribution to the world of percussion.

Susan is a business owner

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